Advanced Minute Taking Courses

Target Market

Those who are experienced minute takers or who would like a refresher and have completed The Art of Minute Taking course.


This course will provide you with the skills and confidence to produce highly professional minutes which are concise, coherent and clearly written.

Course Dates

For scheduled courses see Minute Taking Calendar.

This course is also provided as an in-house course. Please email us at to discuss your needs.

  • Review best practices relating to minute writing and enhance your skills in:
    • – effective listening techniques
    • – selecting the most important and relevant information to be recorded
    • – note taking
    • – summarising
  • Write effective minutes
    • – Individual and group practical exercises to develop and strengthen your skills with feedback provided by the trainer and other course participants
  • Recognise how mediocre minutes can be turned into a professional document
  • Ensure your use of language is professional by turning colloquial into formal
  • Proofreading techniques to ensure your work is 100% correct
  • Question and Answer session:  Time available to answer those persistent questions that start off with, “What do I do when…”
Participants are encouraged to bring a lap top to this course, if they can, to assist in the minute writing module